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The Choice Is and Always Has Been Yours
by Lady Isis

Courtesy: Chitra Jha, trainers forum

You can fill your days with wonders,
Or fill them full of fear.
You can wake-up in the morning
And say "Good Morning God!"
Or you can wake-up and say,
"Good God morning!"
The choice is and always has been yours.
You can make your life a comedy,
A passion play, a drama, or a tragedy.
You can treat each other with kindness,
Or with hate and bigotry,
You can create peace or war.
The choice is and always has been yours.
You can choose to leave, before the final curtain call
or you can stay and play the part you chose to play,
And know that when curtain comes down you gave it your all.
The choice is and always has been yours.
You wrote the script,
You picked the players,
You produced and directed the play,
Of which you are the star.
So play the part well,
On this stage known as Earth.
The choice is and always has been yours.

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