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The unbelievable story of the man
who made 50 millions dollars with ONE book

Courtesy: Christian Godefrey, Positive club

One morning in 1987, Gene Schwartz, one of the greatest copywriters in the world, feels like its difficult to lift his right arm.

He guesses he slept in the wrong position.

Thinking that it's nothing, all of a sudden he has this strange sensation in his mouth.

Getting up, he feels dizzy, and then falls down.

What's going on here? He loses consciousness.

Laying there on the ground, it is sometime before his wife finds him.

He thought he felt someone put him on a stretcher but then he lost consciousness again.

He wakes up without the use of his left arm and hand, totally unable to walk, like a child who must relearn everything!

A Stroke victim. A vessel of his brain was clogged.

"But I'm only 56 years!"

"Sorry, the damage is profound, and it may be forever" says the doctor.

Thank God, his brain capacity does not seem affected.

He is troubled, anxious, but his ability to reason seems sound.

On his hospital bed, he thinks about the situation.

Who can get him out? Barbara, his loving and always present wife, will do everything possible.

But what specialist to contact?

One of Schwartz' authors, Dr. Chang, is a Chinese doctor who performs exercises based on internal Traditional Chinese Medicine. He comes to Gene's bedside.

"I can make you walk again and restore the mobility of your arm." says Dr. Chang.

The treatment will be successful. With a 95% recovery, Gene can walk again, drive, write and especially, type on his computer.

His heart overflows with gratitude. How can he ever thank him for the countless hours of dedication, to teach him the steps needed to get back most of his abilities?

He has an idea.

He will thank the author, by giving him hundred of thousands of dollars.

Hundred of thousands of dollars? Sounds silly!

Gene Schwartz is a copywriter. A World Class copywriter. Perhaps THE best in the world.

He knows how to turn words into gold. He is a master of every aspect of his art.

He will therefore publish a book by Dr. Chang, "The Internal Exercises - The Complete System of Self-Healing", and write a sales letter so strong, so powerful, it will sell for millions.

Did Gene Schwartz succeed?

Yes, he has contributed to huge amounts of royalties to Dr. Chang.

Better yet, it has mailed continuously, with fabulous returns, for 18 years with no end in sight. An unheard of achievement.

He even won the rare "Axel Anderson Award" for his mailing.

At the time of his death in 1995, this book had sold more than $50 million.

I worked with Gene Schwartz for 10 years. I had the great chance to share his friendship.

He passed on his knowledge, his secrets to me.

If you want to know some Gene Schwartz secrets, you can watch this free video.

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