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Health Tonic For You
Sandya vandanam

Courtesy: Krishnamoorthy, Kalakad

Sandya vandanam means prayers at Sandya time. The Sandya vandanam is performed thrice in a day.All the hymns are addressed to the Supreme Lord.Sandya vandanam has been given a high place in all vedic religions and is considered "Mahayagna".

When King Yudhishtira asks Lord Krishna the relevance of Sandhya prayers, Lord Krishna replies, "I have ear marked sandya periods exclusively for those doing Sandya prayers. I will give them whatever they want health, wealth or moksha". IT is an Indian belief that the supreme Lord visits every house at Sandya periods.

Best period for 'Pratah Sandyavandanam' is between 5 am and 6 am.For Sayam Sandyavandanam, it is between 6 and 7 pm.The present day life-pattern may not allow everyone to adhere to the timings.However, benefits will be there even when there are departures. If you are not well, you can perform Sandyavandanam mentally without water from the bed itself.

The Flow of Electricity in our body is called Bio-electricity.Electric currents pass in the body through 10 sets of lines corresponding to 10 fingers and toes. Bio-electricity gets charged through water, earth, ether etc.Have you noted that when you do 'asamanam', you touch the different parts of your body? If the flow of bio-energy is normal, the body remains fit and healthy.

Vedic rituals like 'Japan' or 'Pranayam' have impact on Bio-electricity.When ECG was taken at 3 points of time? normal, during pranayamam, pranayam mantra japam, it was observed that changes are substantial during Pranayamam and Japam. Thus, it is confirmed that we absorb Bio-electricity during these rituals.

While doing Gayatri Japa, the hands used for counting should be covered by the upper garment.
During Pranayama, mouth should be closed tightly.
Gayatri Mantra should be chanted silently with eyes closed and mouth closed so that performer hears it clearly and no sound comes out.

The hymns should be recited slowly and clearly.
Gayatri means A mantra that protects who recite it.
Each section should be uttered in one breath.

Section 1 Om
Section 2 Bhur Bhuva Suvah
Section 3 Tatsavithurvareniyam
Section 4 Bhargo Devasya dhimahi
Section 5 Dhiyo yo nah prachodayat

For Sandyavandam, sections 1 and 2 are combined; hence the Mantra is recited mentally as four sections.For annual Gayatri Japam, it is recited in 5 sections.

Reciting a few times correctly with words and pauses will be better than reciting several times incorrectly.
Gayatri mantra is the mother of all the Mantras and is said to be equivalent to the Vedas.
One can improve his Tejas, physical and mental strength by reciting it.This Mantra has power to ward off all sins.
This mantra should be recited correctly with full devotion and understanding.

The demons daily attack the Sun in the form of "Atman" when arghya is offered with remembrance of Gayatri, the Rajoguna and Tamoguna are destroyed.But when we come back to our worldly life, the demons become revived and again they should be destroyed. This process of cleaning takes place every day as long as we live in the prakriti.

Sandyavandanam is thus truly a health tonic.

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