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Think Creatively


A poor farmer had a problem He had 5 pigs and only enough material to build four pens. That is 16 lengths of material to make four four sided enclosures. If he put 2 pigs in one pen. One of the pig will climb on the back of the other pig and escape. He will then open all the other pens with his snout.

I cannot sell or kill the pigs because they are my daughter’s pets and extremely intelligent as well.

How can I put this five pigs into four pens?

Take sixteen straws or match sticks and try to do it.

If you cannot see below

< scroll below>

< scroll below>

< scroll below>

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Make a four sided central pen and then used the each wall of this pen to share with the other pens to make four pen as below. Thus the farmer saved four lengths of fences.

A creative and open mind can save time, resources and develop a ground shattering solutions

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