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laughter - the best medicine

Courtesy: Ranganathan, Chennai. Trainers forum

Boss: Where were you born?
Joker: Punjab.
Boss: which part?
Joker: which part ? Whole body born in punjab.

2 Jokers were fixing a bomb in a car.
Joker 1: What would you do if the bomb explodes while fixing.
Joker 2: Dont worry, I have one more.

Joker: What is the name of your car?
Lady: I forgot the name, but it starts with "T".
Joker: Strange vehicle; starts with tea. My vehicle starts with petrol

Joker was busy removing a wheel from his auto. A man asks joker why are you removing a wheel from your auto?.
Joker: Cant you read the board??. Parking is only for 2 wheeler.

Joker got into a bus on 1st April when conductor asked for ticket.
He gave Rs.10 /- and took the ticket and said April fool. I have pass.

Joker joined new job. 1st day he worked till late evening on the computer.
Boss was happy and asked what you did till evening.
Joker : Keyboard alphabets were not in order, so I made it alright.

On a romantic day Joker's girlfriend asks him. “Darling on our engagement day will you give me a ring.?”
Joker: Ya sure, from landline or mobile.

Joker says I love you to his girl friend & falls flat to the ground
Gal: What’re doing?
Santa: I'm falling in love.

Santa: Today is Sunday & I wanna njoy, so I bought 3 movie tickets
Jeeto: Why 3?
Santa: For you and your parents

A man to Santa: Come we will play CHESS
Santa: wait; I shall wear my new sports shoe & come..

In an interview,
Interviewer: How does an electric motor run?
Santa: Dhhuuuurrrrrrrrrr. ....
Inteviewer shouts: Stop it.
Santa: Dhhuurrrr dhup dhup dhup...

Santa was getting bitten by mosquitoes the whole night.
He got irritated...drank poison & said, “Now you had it; come on bite!”

Banta: U cheated me.
Shopkeeper: No, I sold a good radio to u.
Banta: Radio label shows Made in Japan but radio says this is All India Radio!

Tourist: Whose skeleton is that?
Santa: Tipu's skeleton.
Tourist: Whose that smaller skeleton next to it?
Santa: That was Tipu's skeleton when he was child

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